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International Headquarters
P.O. Box 11084

Springfield, MO 65808 USA
Phone: 417-886-0223


Dr. Paul Collins

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Embraced By The Spirit
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A United Methodist Minister encounters the reality and power of the Holy Spirit. 
By Acts Ministry Founder
Paul Collins.

Welcome to Acts Ministry  


Acts Ministry came into existence because of a mandate from the Holy Spirit. This organization is not the invention of a man.

Many people are persuaded that the divisions within the body of Christ have weakened the ability of the church to impact the world with the message of the gospel. Think about it! “Gospel” means good news! In the case of the church, it is the gospel of Jesus Christ, the gospel about Jesus Christ, and the efforts to use those messages to bring to pass the establishment of the Kingdom of GodActs Ministry Fellopwship in the hearts of mankind and in the systems of the world. Division is a word that is counter-productive to the call to be Christian!

Unity, In Christ, Through The Holy Spirit is what Acts Ministry, Inc. was established to promote. Many, many people have joined this cause to work together in the efforts to present Jesus to the world.

Acts Ministry is independent, trans denominational, and international. Born in 1993, it has grown exponentially into an effort for Christ that literally encompasses the globe. The work is being done by clergy and laity. It is being accomplished through the following:

  • Acts Ministry University
  • Acts Ministry International Prayer Circles
  • Acts Ministry Open Door Chaplaincy
  • Acts Ministry Publishing (Acts Press)
  • Acts Ministry Radio (Acts Radio)
  • Acts Fellowship of Ministers and Churches
  • Acts Ministry Association of Ministers

On some of the pages in other parts of this website, you will find explanations of each of the seven programs listed above and you will find information on:

  • Becoming a certified Christian lay Worker
  • Becoming a licensed minister of the gospel
  • Becoming ordained
  • Acceptance as a ministry to be listed as an affiliate under the Acts Ministry tax-exempt covering
  • Acceptance as a ministry to be listed as a ministry in association with Acts Ministry
  • How to become a member of the Acts Ministry Fellowship of Faith


Dr. Paul Collins, Founder of Acts Ministry in the Pulpit at the Chapel at Maranatha Village.


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